Our Mission...
Providing Imprinted and Professionally Trained Diabetic
Alert Canines (through a solid working relationship with T1D
Trainers) Autism , PTSD and Seizure Alert, for Families
across the Nation.  We start our training for T1D and Seizure
Alert using YOUR scent for YOUR target low. Monthly
payments available during the course of imprinting. Contact
our Staff today to learn more, because we don't believe you
need to raise a small fortune for peace of mind.
What can a Imprinted Diabetic Alert Pup
do for you?
Most people, like you, have heard about Imprinting
and are curious as to how they could benefit you.
Here at Pridezion™, we feel that although they do
not replace a monitor, they still can play a large part
when living with Diabetes. Not only do you gain a
beneficial tool when adopting a service canine, you
also gain a life long friend. These are pups bred
from proven Service Dogs, who are imprinted for a
distinct advantage over all others.
What is the difference for aPridezion Imprinted Diabetic Alert Canine™ ?
Pridezion uses Imprinting as one of the most resourceful tools in
developing a solid Diabetic and Med Alert Canine. As a
Experienced Trainer/Handler/Breeder I have the very unique
opportunity , unlike most, to start at the very beginning of
bloodlines, selecting health, intelligence and ability for our breeding
program. I use my experience as a Professional Trainer to imprint
and develop pups from they day they are born. Not like some
whose first introduction is when the pup reaches 9-12 weeks old.
What does Imprinting mean?
Imprinting our newborns gives them an
added advantage. By adding this to our
training program we hope to achieve a
quicker response time that your canine will
preform. In a nutshell, imprinting is to mark or
stamp the scent of chemicals changes. We
use this valuable advantage as the puppy's
breeder to imprint much earlier than most
training programs can offer.  
Becoming an Owner
One of the joys with adopting a service canine is
not only the health and medical benefits they
provide, but also the friend that is made.
Northwest Diabetic Alert Canines™ are trained for
this and are happy to service their owner as a life
long commitment. With the gain of a service
canine, you will experience first hand a qualified
professional "friend" to alert you at a  moment that
matters most.

You have chosen a Northwest Imprinted  
Service and Medical Alert Pup
as an
option for you.
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Current Imprinted Litter
Canine Good Citizen
Therapy Dog International
AKC Therapy Dog
In Training:
Canine Good Citizen
Therapy Dog International
We are excited to announce the recent breeding between Murphy and
Ada. This will be an imprinted litter for Diabetic Alert.
Northwest Imprinted
Medical Alert and Service Canines
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Because there are those that are charging ridiculous fee's for young dogs, please be aware that
ANY service dog requires months of extensive training and anyone trying to place a dog younger
than 6 months old as anything other than a "Started" pup in training (not a Service Dog or Diabetic
Alert Dog) is grossly misrepresenting the qualifications in general. ANY finished or reliable Service
or Med Alert dog should have no less than 120 hours to pass the Public Access Test, AND They
should also have a CGC Canine Certificate as far as we are concerned. Proof that training has been
done , never adopt or purchase a pup "through the internet, sight unseen. Any credible Diabetic
Alert Trainer should be able to meet with you personally to demonstrate/educate.  Pridezion just
does imprinting,scent games, and early Obed. CGC and Public Access Training. We then refer to a
nationally recognized Alert Training Organization for Advanced Training.
Autism ~ PTSD~Physical Assistance~T1D~Seizure