Health Guarantee
Temperament Guarantee
Pridezion  Labradors has made every possible attempt to insure that genetic diseases such as
PRA, HD (hip dysplasia), and OCD (elbow dysplasia) have not been passed on to any puppies
that are bred and born by us. Pridezion Labradors will stand behind any of its puppies to be free
from non functional PRA,HD and OCD for up to 5 years of age.If the original owner of any of
our puppies experiences problems with non functional PRA, HD or OCD or any other health
related issue that is a confirmed hereditary trait,we agree to substitute another puppy from a
planned breeding, by Pridezion Labradors, of the owner's choice .
The diagnosed puppy must show proof of a veterinary statement from at least 2 different
veterinarians, to activate this replacement guarantee. Proof of spay/nueter from a veterinarian
and all AKC registrations must accompany replacement applications.
If the dog develops non-functional HD and or OCD the puppy must be x-rayed no later than 26
months of age. Because of the laxity of the growth plates during development, while you may
have them xrayed at anytime at your own expense, we will not consider a final diagnosis until
the pup has attained physical maturity at the current accecptable age of 26 months.   If your
veterinarian suspects a problem,
the x-ray must be verified by the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation
for Animals) or Penn-Hip as to the condition of the hips and or elbows.
The x-rays,copies of all
veterinary notes and visits throughout the entire period of ownership and OFA or Penn-Hip
determinations must be sent to Pridezion Labradors for evaluation and consultation. Failure to
comply will void in its entirety, this Health Guarantee.  All veterinary conclusions must be made
by a certified and licensed veterinarian approved by both owner and Pridezion Labradors, as
good quality x-rays are extremely important for a correct diagnosis. We
do not require that you
surrender your current pup/dog back to us, however, we do insist that ALL supportive
documentation including spay and nueter certificate as well as AKC registration papers,
regarding the health issue be sent to us as stated above. Of course, If you wish to surrender
your pup/dog back to Pridezion Labradors, they always have a home here. Pridezion Labradors
has taken precautions by health screening all of our parents. However, understand that there
are no guarantee's of health in the human life or in Canine. I as a breeder have taken the tools
available to review and determine the health of each and every one of our Labradors, in an
effort to do my best to ensure happy, healthy offspring.

This Guarantee is dependant upon demonstrating that the puppy has received proper care and
nutrition. Your veterinarian, plus records of vaccinations schedules and wellness exams as well
as NuVet compliance would verify demonstration. Abuse, neglect and trauma in anyway affects
the development and well being of the puppy will void in entirety these guarantees.
In an effort to do everything possible as part of a prevention plan I have been well briefed on
nutritional benefits, kennel care, regular veterinary care and limiting joint stressful exercise. I
understand that the health guarantee does not cover expenses for vaccinations, regular
worming or routine veterinary expenses. Your puppy must be seen by a licensed veterinarian
within 72 hours after receiving your puppy. In the event that the puppy is diagnosed as
unhealthy from a virus  
that could have only been contracted while here at Pridezion,  your
veterinarian must explain in writing the diagnosis and resource of such diagnosis. Once
determined ,Pridezion will evaluate and determine fair compensation not to exceed 1/2 of the
original purchase amount, this specific guarantee will relate to a virus only(not parasites, like
worms,or any and all other non-heriditary conditions, etc) As worm larvae can activate during
times of even light stress, such as a new environment and non-heriditary conditions are
unforseeable. A copy of your Health Exam/Certificate(required to have gotten within 72 hours)
must be returned no later than 7 days after you receive your puppy. Virus Guarantee's are null
and void after 3 days as we can no longer control the environment the puppy has been exposed
to. Which is why it is so important to limit your puppies exposure to public places and unknown
areas until they have been fully vaccinated. I agree to continue the NuVet Plus vitamin
supplements and a premium quality dog/puppy food like that is currently being given to my
puppy as part of a balanced nutritional diet, and I agree to follow the suggestions for care and
proper nutrition for joint development, as advised by Tina Powe of Pridezion Labradors.
deviation from the proposed exercise/nuritional guidelines that have been set forth will void in
entirety any and all of these guarantees.Why do we insist on vitamins and quality food?
Because what you put into your puppy is gonna have an extremely important impact on proper
development. We must continue every precaution we have taken to do our best to insure we are
raising healthy,well balanced family members.
Temperament Guarantee:
Pridezion Labradors Guarantees the temperament of all of our puppies and adults personally
bred by us. We guarantee a well balanced temperament, not too hyper, not too lazy. A
temperament that exemplifies the true Labrador Retriever character. We guarantee the
temperament of our puppies at the time of adoption , of course after adoption our puppies are
raised in an environment that we have no control over. Which is why it is  VERY important to
continue the great start that we have given them in your home.We invite you to read our
I fully understand and agree to all terms of this Health Guarantee for Pridezion Labrador
Retrievers. I understand that the conditions set forth in this guarantee are for the benefit of my
We at Pridezion Labrador Retrievers believe that every effort should be made to ensure that
all of our puppies receive the best nutrition possible, especially during the critical growth stages
up to 24 months.
The puppy/dog MUST include Pridezion's prefix in his/her name for AKC registration.
Starting Feb,2011 Pridezion will pre-register ALL puppies with the AKC to insure that each
puppy will carry our Pridezion prefix.
The puppy/dog must not be overweight and must never have been bred (purposefully or

I hereby agree to all terms and conditions as set forth in this Health Guarantee, and willfully
enter into this contract between Pridezion Labradors and myself. I agree that this contract can
and will be upheld by both parties in any court of law with jurisdiction remaining in Lewis
County of Washington State. This contract is non-transferable from the purchasing party.



If you would like to mail this contract in with your adoption payment our mailing address is:

Pridezion Labrador Retrievers
Tina Powe
P.O. Box 627
Kelso, WA 98626