Pridezion in the Field......
I am often asked if our dogs hunt, there is a mis-conseption that a calm, well
mannered family companion loses the ability to hunt game. This is far from
the case with breeders dedicating their breeding programs to the dual
purpose Labrador. I focus on the natural ability to hunt. MANY of our pups
are picking up and delivering birds at 9 weeks old. At 4-6 months old they
are (with VERY little official training) are delivering marks (visual downed
birds) on land and water and even doing doubles ,for some of them .

In our own breeding program, I focus on a gentle temperament,excellent
intelligence and health. Our dogs are part of our family, yet always willing
to retrieve or flush game with a natural drive and focus that Labradors were
bred to have. Here I will post the accomplishments of our Labradors, and
share photos of our pups own by both us and our families demonstrating
our "kids" ability in the field.
This is Bella, a Rusty and Ziva Girl
(Yellow Female) shown here at 8
months! Thank you Jerry for the
(yeah, that's an icy pond!)
This is Reggie! A Boozer and Lexes pup
shown in the following pictures at about 9
months old. He is loved and owned by Kevin
and Family, Thank you Kevin for sending me
pictures of Reggie!!! (Black Male)
Reggie loves to hunt! Congrats
Kevin and Reggie on a fun 2009
I will be adding more pictures over the next few days of other's pups as well. I want to thank both Kevin and
Jerry for sending me pictures of our pups in action! Each of these pups are first and foremost, family
companions who live in the home. They are also good hunting buddies! Thank you both!
Reece's first hunt at 7 months
old! I have a video that I am
trying to add to this page as
well of her! She did her "daddy"
proud her first time out, strictly
owner trained and having fun
and just 7 months old!!!
Congrats Reece and "dad" on
your first time out!