In the Media ~
This page reflects some fun times our Labs have had!
This is Otis!
A black male approx 7 months old from the
breeding between Tank and Ellie .
He's appearing here in a Icelandic

He is loved and owned by a fantastic
photographer and her beautiful family :)
Labradors had a
blast with the
filming of an
episode with
Bravo TV for the
television show
"LOLWork" on
BravoTV! We had
a blast in filming
the puppies were
too cute and
everyone really
got their "puppy
fix" that day!

Also appearing on the Facebook
page of Northwest Imprinted
Medical Alert and Service
The official mascot of Teresa Sullivan
Performance Horses, her Pridezion
boy was recently featured on the
Facebook page of The Equine
Chronicle! You have got to check out
this crazy sweet boy and "his"
horses! lol

We have "blacked out" the name of our family as
to protect their privacy. We never reveal names or
locations of any of our students or their families.
The pup to the right is in training now
as a Autistic Support Canine