From here forward the term ( I ) shall reference the buyer of said contract and the term
( breeder ) and/or Pridezion Labradors) shall refer to the seller.

I,________________________________________________________ due hereby
enter into contract agreement with Pridezion Labradors for the purchase of a Labrador
Retriever. I agree to the following terms and conditions of the sell of a Labrador Puppy
from Pridezion Labradors. I agree that all terms and conditions are binding. Intentional
default of this contract enables Pridezion Labradors to re assume ownership of the
Puppy with no financial reimbursement to me. Furthermore, if I am deemed in default
of this contract, in addition to forfeiting ownership of said puppy, I understand that I
will be barred from any future opportunities to own a Labrador Retriever Puppy bred
by Pridezion Labradors
Terms Of Ownership;
1. I will not allow the puppy/dog to roam free unsupervised in a populated area. I will
agree that it will be contained/raised in an adequate fenced yard or kennel.
2. I will limit the amount of joint stressed exercise until the age of 24 months old, for
example: jumping in and out of the back of a truck
3. I will maintain a balanced diet and keep regular vaccine schedules for the puppy/dog.
I will maintain the physical and emotional health of the puppy/dog.
4. I will NEVER abuse or mistreat the puppy/dog. ANY indication of abuse is an
automatic default of contract.
5. I will either train or will have the puppy trained in obedience.
6. I understand the puppy/dog will be registered with Limited registration (no breeding
rights) with the understanding that NO breeding must be done with the puppy.
Pridezion supports responsible dog ownership and insist that you spay and neuter your
male/female unless arrangements have been made for breeding rights.
7. I agree to carry the name of the breeder (Pridezion) in the prefix/suffix of the
registered name of the puppy/dog.
For example:
Pridezion's        Little Pride and Joy
Mandatory Term           Optional Name
8. I agree to that under any circumstances that prohibit me from caring for or owning
this puppy, that it will be returned to Pridezion Labradors and under NO circumstances
is it to be given away or surrendered to the local animal shelter or humane society.I
understand that No financial compensation will be made to me for any purchase costs
or expenses of any kind should I choose to surrender the pup/dog back to Pridezion
Labradors. Under responsible circumstances I understand that surrendering the
puppy/dog back to Pridezion Labradors does not prohibit me from owning a Pridezion
Labrador in the future.
(Option A) I agree to continue feeding the NuVet Plus vitamin supplements for the
first 24 months. I understand that they can be
purchased online thru the NuVet Logo on
the Home Page of our Website at
9(Option B) If you choose not to use NuVet please sign here
X____________________                              this will verify that you have agreed to
purchase your puppy without our Health Guarantee.
(You must sign in order to activate Option B if
left unchecked Option A will automatically apply) The reason we are so adamant about nutritional supplements is
because we know what puppies need during the first two years of rapid development, you will expect us to live up to our
gurantee, we need to know that you provided a great nutritional program :)

10. This puppy shall never be bred to produce any other color than Black,Yellow or
Chocolate as set forth by the AKC Standard, NO dilute /False Colors!
11. Beginning Oct.1,2010, No AKC registration papers will be given until proof of Spay
and Neuter verification, from your Vetinarian, at no less than 1 year of age. (This
ensures that our puppies do not end up in breeding programs that we didn't approve).
You will be given a Bill of Sale,Copies of the AKC Registration for both Sire and Dam,
outlining the process for which you will be given AKC registration papers once the Spay
and Neuter verification has been submitted to me,Tina Powe.
I do hereby agree to all terms and conditions of this contract and willfully enter into this
contract agreement with Pridezion Labradors breeder's  Bill and Tina Powe on this
__________________________day of _____________________, 2014.
I have read the Health Guarantee and have been verbally briefed on the characteristics
and health concerns regarding the Labrador Retriever and have read and acknowledged
the Policies and Procedures of Pridezion Labradors. I hereby enter into this contract
with my:
A deposit of 1/2 of the total purchase amount of the puppy is required, with the
remaining balance of the purchase amount ,for the puppy due at 6 weeks of age. Started
pups require full payment of the adoption fee.
You Must Initial that you have watched the Spay and Neuter Video (link below)    Initial Here_______________________

This does not include shipping charges.


* Please carefully consider your commitment in proceeding with our adoption process, as all
deposits/payments are non-refundable. We are looking for relationships with families committed to
providing forever homes for our Labradors.We do not accept deposits on unborn litters, unless you are
absolutely positive that you want a pup from Pridezion Labradors and want to guarantee a place on our
waiting list. Should a pup be unavailable from an upcoming breeding, then your deposit will be
transferred to another upcoming breeding here at Pridezion Labrador Retrievers. This contract is
non-transferrable. All legal proceedings shall remain in the jurisdiction of Cowlitz County Courts or
the applicable county of residence for Tina Powe of Pridezion Labrador Retrievers.  

Initial here that you have read and agree with Pridezion Labradors Policies and
Procedures. ______________________

If you would like to mail this contract  our mailing address is:

Pridezion Labrador Retrievers
Tina Powe
P.O. Box 627
Kelso, WA 98626

Due to recent check scams Pridezion will not longer accept checks or money
orders for any kind of payment, we accept credit/debit cards.
If we are shipping your puppy to you, arrangements for final payment will be
arranged as we DO NOT recommend sending cash through the mail we do offer
secure online payment with credit/debit card.
The same applies if you are coming to visit a puppy that you may adopt that
same day, please note we do not accept checks, money orders we can now accept
debit/credit cards.