Welcome to our reading room. Here we have posted some
of the heartwarming emails from our adoptive families. We
love and appreciate every one of you, Thank you !
"Laci is a black female from our Lars and Stormy litter"
Laci is doing just fabulous! What a beautiful and good girl she is. Could not have dreamed of a more
wonderful pup. We get compliments daily on how pretty she is. She gets so excited sometimes it looks like
she's dancing. Sometimes I think her tail is going to fly off she gets to wiggling so fast. Anyway, she is a
permanent fixture in our family.

Ringo is the best dog I could have hoped for. He is happy, loves people, loves kids, smart, and is a great
swimmer already! Brandi and I love him to death. He has been well cared for as well, of course. Brandi and I
work during the day, but Brandi's mother watches the little guy during the day, so he always has someone
around to play with (when he isn't sleeping). He is up to about 60 pounds or so, and his paws seem to indicate
he has some growing to do.

Everything has been better than expected. Raising a puppy is actually pretty trying, but it has been worth it.
Brandi and I don't have any kids yet, so we look after Ringo like our first born. Thanks for checking in Tina,
and thanks for allowing us to have such a great dog.
Clyde is a Chocolate Male

Hi Tina,   just letting you know that "Clyde is the BEST dog in the world and we are forever in debt to you !" We will send you pictures
and talk to you more in the very near future!
Thanx  so much, Rob, Melissa, and Ethan
Merry Christmas and Happy Cabo Birthday!  Already one year old.  I dont anticipate him growing too much more but if I had a saddle I
could ride him around the yard.  He is a big guy.  His size is always complimented whenever he meets someone new.  He & I go for a
walk everyday usually down the trails next to my house now that the leaves are down and mosquitoes are no longer a problem.
We really love him
Sunshine is a yellow female

Hi Tina,
Sorry it has taken me so long to "write".  We are just having a blast with Sunshine!!!!
She is the love of our lives...I can't believe it has been a week already.She has grown so much, her paws are getting bigger - so cute.  She
is also doing great on potty training and knows what door to go to now.  She's smart and obedient.
She is sleeping from 10pm. to 6am. She has been so good about that. She only whined the first night.
She lets us hold her like a baby in our arms and always rolls over for a belly rub. The kids give her a lot of attention.
The whole family has been over to see her - She has lots of chew toys now!
I will E-mail pictures, there are some cute ones. I need Steve to help me do that.
Thank you for all you did to bless our lives so much!! Also tell your Mom thanks again for her hospitality. That was a fun trip!
Jenni and Sunshine
Izzy is a yellow female

Tina, I took Izzy to the vet today all is well!  She is 14lbs 10oz so a nice big healthy girl.  She is adjusting really well.  She has tried to nurse
on Sage which made her jump.  She is so much fun!!

Lee Ann

Tina, It was great to meet you today, and to get to bring home Izzy.  She is adjusting very well, and definitley fitting right in.  The kids adore
her.  She did really well on the ride home, and loved to snuggle up with me and just sleep.  Her and Sage seem to get along very well.  
Sage is excited to have a new friend.  She is absolutley gorgeous.  I am looking forward to working with you more.  I am so thrilled with
her.  Here are the pictures from today.  Hope you have a terrific night, and thanks again!

Lee Ann Norris

Tina, I wanted to let you know that Izzy, is doing wonderful.  She is a fat happy girl.  She is about 35lbs now!!  She gets her last shots
tomorrow!!  She is retrieving really well and just so much fun!  Her and Sage are best of friends.  I can't find my camera right now.. I think
the kids must have done something with it or I would send you pictures, but I wanted to let you know she is doing great!!
My kids love her.  She is starting obedience and just so much fun.
Hello Tina!

I thought you might like to see how much Piper is growing.  We absolutely adore her!  She is also coming along in her training.  She is
very active, especially in the morning after she eats her breakfast; we call it the Piper scoot with her butt tucked down running like crazy in
the house and outside as well.  We are going to try puppy-kindergarten the first part of May after she has had all of her immunizations.  
They use the positive reinforcement method with the clicker.  I am also doing that method at home since I bought a book called "the power
of positive dog training.  It seems to be working quite well with Piper!
Bella is a black female
Hi Tina,
Bella is beautiful.  She went to bed last night at 10:30 and slept straight through until 6:30 this morning.  We love her to pieces.
UPDATE!!! 08/15/2006
Hi Tina,  Long time no chat.  Wanted to give you an update on Bella.  She is awesome.  Very well behaved.  Going for more training classes
in September.  I can't get enough of her, neither can the kids.  I've attached some pictures I took of her while we were on vacation on Cape
Cod.  She LOVES the beach, especially digging holes in the sand.  Thinking maybe of getting her a yellow lab buddy some time next year,
will let you know because I will definitely get it from you because of the wonderful experience we have had with Bella.  She was so easily
trained and so well behaved.  Hope all is well.  I visit your website frequently.  I love to see all your dogs and any new puppies.  Take care,

Sue and Bella
Adam (Black Male)
Hi Tina,

Sorry, no photos yet.  You will be getting some I promise.  We were just too busy today to do any posing.

To begin with, Adam did GREAT at the vets.  She is a wonderful lady, and I think I told you I only know her professionally from friends,
but run into her at events and parties etc.  But she first saw Milo, whose vet hadn't sent his records but she at least got to do a "check
up".  All things in order there, then I brought Adam in and she just stopped in her tracks and looked at him.

She said "Oh, what a pretty puppy", then immediately fell to the floor with treats for him and started checking him out.  In about 10
seconds, she looked at me and said, "Steve, this puppy is absolutely beautiful, where did you get him from?".  I told her, and she
continued her exam, pointing out nothing but EXCELLENT points, not just good, but excellent.  She's also the vet to the lady I told you
about over here that breeds labs as gun dogs and performance dogs.  She knows I know *****, the lab breeder, and she asked me if
I'd looked at any of her dogs before deciding on this puppy.  I told her , (the vet) that I hadn't physically looked at them recently, only
spoke with ***** (dog breeder) a couple of times about her dogs, and my wanting a lab.

The vet just looked at me and not knowing I had met ****s dogs in the past , said that "well, they are considerably different dogs".   I
just asked her what she meant and she was a little bit quite, obviously wanting to be discreet, so I just said it.  I said that they were
seemingly beautiful dogs, but from young to very old, they all seemed to have one trait in common, no manners and the temperament
seemed to be one of bouncing off the walls.  The vet said "that's exactly right".  Apparently, they are quite well conformed to the breed
standard in appearance and behavior for that particular type of use and breeding, in fact I guess one is going to Westminster (vet told
me), but she added, "I've never seen one of her dogs as beautiful and well put together as this puppy is, not even the one going to
Westminster".  AND, she'd never seen such a loving, well behaved pup of his breed in her career, some 20 years.

She literally raved about him.  Brought her associate vet in, can't remember his name, .  He raved on and on as well.  They even got
out the measuring tape to show me how well his head was conformed in regards to balance.  The Vets Associate asked me if I was
going to be breeding him and I told him no, first off I'm not interested in that for him, and I'd also promised you that it wouldn't happen.  
He just said no problem, good choice if I don't want the responsibility or that type of lifestyle, but to keep him away from any lab
breeders until he's fixed as he put it "**** would give her own blood to have this kind of dog bred into her lines".  The Vet went on to say
that there was a  Lab Retriever Association event in town  this weekend.  She said, you know, I treat about 1/2 those dogs, at least
when they are on the island, and I can tell you, that not only is Adam in much better shape, a much better bred dog than 99% of those
together this weekend, but that if I were to bring him around to this place that "lab people" would be falling all over him to find out about
him and when he's ready for stud.

They just couldn't say enough GREAT things about him, not one even slightly negative comment.  From his teeth and bite to his tail.  
So, he got his shots, I'd brought a stool sample back in later and they called to say that it was fine.  The Vet wanted me to pass along
her positive observations to you and the obvious integrity you have in your breeding program.  She's a Rotweiller owner, but knows big
dogs and as I said, just couldn't get over the fact that a dog bred as well and as well put together as Adam would ever be available.  
She's a big advocate of neutering and spaying, especially for someone who isn't a dog breeder and congratulated me on my fortitude
to keep little Adam from being a daddy.

She just warned me again, "keep him away from **** and that lab show!!!, at least until he's fixed".  

I just wanted you to know about how she raved about You and Your Baby.  She may email you, I gave her your website as she wanted
a reference for as she put it, "good people, looking for great labs".  I hope you don't mind I gave her your site address.  I didn't give out
your number as I just don't give out people's numbers without permission but I'm sure you could expect referrals from her in the future.

We spent the rest of the day at the beach, playing and sleeping.  Turns out all the tourists in town were here for a triathlon and most
were either out running or biking, so the tide was out and the tourist weren't around.  Just a couple of dogs I know that Adam got to
meet and play with for about an hour.

He's a tired puppy this evening.  Has found that the spot next to me at the computer isn't as great as the spot right under the computer
desk, so he's become my foot warmer now.

In the house and yard he's been off leash all day and comes when call's, sits, goes out to potty and eats and drinks just fine now.  I
tested him out being on his own by telling him to stay in the living room where he was laying down and I walked out to get the mail.  
About 30 feet from the front gate.  He was in the exact same spot when I came back in as when I left him.  Then I took him out on a
loose leash with me to the mail box and he did just great, no fear, no fighting the leash, just followed next to me like he'd been doing
this all his life.

Anyway, just wanted to give you an update on the day, and let you know what the vet had to say.  Personally, I didn't care one way or the
other what ANYONE thinks of him with regards to a breed standard.  I LOVE him regardless, I'm just happy to know he's happy with
this vet and she's happy with him and his health and obviously his breeding.

I'll mail again soon, bye for now,

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