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WE LOVE HIM SO MUCH! And so does everyone else!  Our trainer has asked for your name &
site...all the lab owners from our trainer's dog parties are jealous!  He is doing so well!!!!
He's just brought us so much joy :)  
Keep in touch & I will too :)
Trucker~Black Male
What can I say about Maya, aka "the perfect puppy".
WE LOVE HER!!!!!!! Wow, her personality is fantastic. She is absolutely beautiful and her temperament
is perfect.
I could have a dozen Maya's. Maybe I will some day. Of course she is the smartest in her obedience
class. She loves her daily walks and is quite the retriever with the tennis ball. She still has a distinct
waddle to her walk. Early on we taught her to fetch the morning paper from the end of the
only took two days. Now that is her morning job. Of course the sunday paper is too heavy, but she still
tries. She has never been destructive to anything in our home. She loves Terry's woodshop and all of
those bins of things. She helps him organize by getting them all down from the shelves when she is bored.
We need some locking lids. She still sleeps in her crate at night but we keep the door open and she comes
to my side of the bed early in the morning for her on the bed snuggle. She doesn't jump on people and
calmly waits for attention. She got her first spa visit last week and the groomer said, "she is perfect and
she is SO smart". What more can I say Tina but we have thanked you silently a million times. A couple of
months ago I was dog sitting my son's two golden retrievers and Maya and their Maggie (one year old)
made quite a mess of the backyard......running from the pond, to the garden and back and forth. After
their fun, there were no more pond plants to be had. Needless to say they were filthy. The two older dogs
watched in disgust. She loves her dog friends. She is definitely the most layed back, balanced, loveable,
gorgeous, intelligent black lab I have ever met. THE BEST DOG EVER!  Of course she was spayed this
summer, our vet said it was sad to not let her reproduce because she is so beautiful. But, we told her we
leave that to the experts. And an expert in lab breeding you are.
I will forward you a couple of pictures we took just tonight in the next email.
Thanks again for writing. Do you have a new email. Maybe we could visit some time.
Merry Christmas to you and your family and thank you again for sharing Maya (the best gift ever).
I think Terry is writing his own email next......he has a few words to say as well.
Love, Janet
Maya, Black Female (Doc and Dora)
Hi Tina-
Thanks for being such a wonderful breeder of labs.  The temperament of Maya makes her the best dog
we have even owned.  Actually, she owns us!  

As a teacher of  5th graders, I just wish that I could have 26  "students" just like her!  What a great
addition to family she is!

Are Doc and Dora going to have any more pups - just in case friends will be looking for another "perfect

Merry Christmas,


Just wanted to touch base with you....Mr. Trucker is such a beautiful little
man (82 pounds!) looks & personality.  We wouldn't trade him for
anything in the world!  He is very well behaved...he is VERY smart.  He
knows how to give paw now in addition to all of his commands he knows by
hand signal.  He sits & waits to be fed like a gentleman until we release him
to eat.  He LOVES the kitties....but only one will venture upstairs to play
with him (or should I say DEAL with him) hehehehe!  But for the most part,
he lays down for kitties or will go to his "place" when a kitty comes
upstairs....but that tail is wagging like crazy when he sees one.  He gets
along with other dogs very well & is always up for a romp in the yard.  He
fetches like a champ, too.  I can't wait to get him in the lake this summer!     
Dont know if I told you,,but, I'm pregnant & due at the end of August (The
same time we got Trucker!)  He sniffs & kisses my belly all the time...I
think he hears the baby in there.

Hope all is well w/ you and the "kids"
Take care...
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