These policies and procedures must be read and acknowledged on
our Puppy Contract and Health Guarantee before ANY application for
adoption will be considered. All Contract terms, Guarantee's and
Policies are easily viewable and accessible from our front page and
are considered agreed upon either in
writing,verbally or any other legal
means of entering into a lawful agreement by adoption between us and
all contract terms, guarantee's and policies are binding between us
under any and all circumstances. This policy and contractual
agreement supersedes any other policies and procedures by any
financial institution or card holder. You have entered into a contractual
agreement with Tina Powe of Pridezion Labrador Retrievers and
agree to uphold all policy requirements, Health Guarantee and Puppy
Contract terms in their entirety by Tina Powe and Pridezion Labrador

1. All deposits and payments are non-refundable after signing remitting
payment thru/PayPal or Square payment, check or money order or
cash or our Puppy Contract . We are looking for committed families for
our puppies , who will dedicate the time and care needed for happy
puppies! Our Puppy Contract and Health Guarantee are accessible
through our website and all terms and conditions are agreed upon both
verbally and/or in writing in their entirety . In the event that a puppy is not
whelped from the breeding that your deposit has been placed on, your
deposit will be transferred to another litter limited to the same Dam ,
but not necessarily the same Sire, whelped by Pridezion Labradors.

2. All puppies must be seen by a veterinarian within 3 days after you
receive them.

3. Our Puppy Contract and Health Guarantee must be followed, we will
not make exceptions of any kind regarding this e-signed/ signed/(also
see your PayPal Invoice,also applies as of 6/6/2013 to all payments)
for  agreement between us.

In the event that you would cancel delivery of a puppy/dog with less
than 4 days notice. We will not  refund ANY of the payments or
deposits that were paid.

5. Our Health Guarantee does not cover, vaccinations, veterinary costs,
or training costs. These costs are the direct result of responsible dog
ownership and should be expected as part of.

6. Please note that NuVet is a  requirement, if you are not consistent ,
this will void our Health Guarantee(Health Guarantee is automatically
void if you have chosen Option B on our Puppy Contract). We have alot
of experience and knowledge about our favorite breed. We KNOW
what they need during their crucial growth periods for proper joint and
muscle development. This is why we require that our puppies get the
best chance possible for long healthy lives!

7. In the event for some reason that you are not able to keep your
puppy/dog then we REQUIRE that they are returned to us. ALL
ownership rights, AKC transfer of registration, and copies of ALL
veterinarian records accompany the transfer back to us. No monetary
compensation will be made to you for the surrender of your dog back to
us. You will be responsible for the transport back to Pridezion
Labradors. We of course will try to find transport as soon as possible.
No monetary compensation will be provided by Pridezion Labradors
for the transfer back to us. This is the sole responsibility of the owner(s)
surrendering the dog.

8. As of January 1,2013 all final Adoption Invoices must be paid when
your puppy turns 8 weeks old. Even if you have arranged to pick up at a
a later date. We offer boarding to all of our puppies and adults to our
families. Boarding is $20 per day.Started pups are to be paid in full as
they are well past the 8 week old mark.
We also offer all-breed boarding for the Summer 2013!

9. Adoption Fee's are entirely for the puppy, the additional information
and accessories sent in puppy packets or information shared with our
families are a courtesy from us to you as a breeder. We do not charge
extra for the basic puppy packet we send home. The entire adoption
fee is exclusively for the adoption of the puppy alone :) You do not pay
extra for anything else as it is not included in the puppy adoption fee.
We are not required to include anything additional, however, we try to
share as much information as possible and include as much as we can
with our puppies to make transition easier and alot more enjoyable. All
puppy packet content and information is at the sole discretion of us as
a breeder. All adoption/deposits are applied toward one (1) puppy.
Deposits taken for families that have decided our breeding program is
the one that their new puppy will whelp from, from litters that are not yet
born, may keep the option of sex and color open for selection until the
litter is born. Once the litter is whelped/born then a decision regarding
sex and color must be made within 3 days of the puppies whelp.

This contract is non-transferrable. All legal proceedings shall remain in
the jurisdiction of Cowlitz County Courts or the applicable county of residence
for Tina Powe of Pridezion Labrador Retrievers.

11. Pridezion Labradors ,Tina Powe nor any of our associates are
repsponsible for shipping delays beyond our control. Delays related to
weather, temperature, traffic delays that take extensive time, bumped by
airlines for cadaver etc...We do not control what happens outside of our
physical abilities. We have had shipping delays take up to 4 weeks to get
puppies to their news homes, normally it only takes about a week or two.
However, our families received their puppies
 EVERYTIME! Thank you :)
Policies and Procedures
All visits to our "kids" must be by appointment only. We take
great measure to provide a safe environment for our dogs
and puppies. If you just "show up" I cannot guarantee any
time to visit with you as my day schedules are extremely full.
You will have to come back at a later date. I am sure you
understand, as my strict procedures and dedication to detail
and quality of our "kids" are what drew you to us in the first
place. :) Thank you!
We reserve the right to to pick(s) of any litter, if your deposit Invoice
says "Pick" then you must understand that it's the PET
HOME/NON-BREEDING pick of litter, not a pup set back for
ourselves :). We breed to further enhance our "family"/breeding
stock, not just for the sake of breeding puppies. We reserve the right
to refuse service to anyone we feel is not a good match for our
puppies. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
BREEDERS please note:
Before I place any of my "kids" into breeding programs, I would
have alot of questions, and would need to be able to KNOW they
are going to great homes. None of our puppies are to be bred
before reaching the appropriate age to obtain Hip,Elbow,Eye
clearances and tested for EIC. No puppy/dog is to be bred without
obtaining GOOD/PASSING Clearances...  AKC co-ownerships/
registrations are mandatory. It is important that you build a
relationship with me before I will turn over the final paperwork,
especially true if I have never worked with you before. No one
handed me the keys to well bred dogs, I worked,researched,
sacrificed, and dedicated thousands and thousands of hours and
an untold amount of money to build our breeding program, until I
am sure I have shared it with someone who can truly reflect our
goals, ethics and commitment, I call the shots :)
Feel free to contact me anytime.

Tina and "kids"