Introducing, Rusty!
CH Scrimshaw Duckless Fairbanks, JH
Scrimshaw Placido Flamingo
Henderland Candach
Balrion Red Alert
Kelleygreens Fashion Design, CD
Kelleygreens Lady in Red
CH Tabatha's Drifter at Dickendall
Kelleygreens Lady in Red
Keepsakes Drift N' Dickens
Balrion Red Alert
Keepsake Daphne
Keysun Teko of Blondella
Bradking Bonnys Charm of Keysun
Helluva Keepsake
Keysun Krispin on Blondella
CH Lindall Mastercraft
Blondella Mollywog
Shades of Blondella
Wynfaul Tobasco
Lady Bountiful at Balrion
Balrion Red Alert
Blondella Beau Ranger
Kelleygreens In Vogue
Kelleygreens Fashion Design
CH Dickendall Arnold
CH Tabatha's Drifter at Dickendall,JH
CH Tabatha's Valleywood Decoy
Balrion Red Alert
Kelleygreens Fashion Design ,CD
Kelleygreens Lady in Red
CH Tabatha's Drifter at Dickendall
CH Misti-Dawn Analore Sojourney
CH Misti-Dawn So's My Mom
CH Valleywood Nighthawk
Springbrook Katlin Massad
Winterdove of Standing Stone
Lindall Make the Grade
Muskelunge's Tiara
CH Muskelunge's Tazmanian Devil
CH Valleywood Nighthawk
CH Muskelunge Dont Worry Be Happy
Muskelunge Happiness Is
Blondella Beau Ranger
Boradors Chloe of Larkana
Ch Zane Hills Sugar Cain
Wingmasters Just Another Fella
Valleywoods Firebrand
White Wing Firey Shadow
Keepsake's Gulliver Travels
Keepsake's Tiger Lily
Blondella Beau Ranger
Kelleygreens Lady In Red
Keepsake's Drift N' Dickens
Blacklick's Noel
CH Muskelunge Top Gun
Princess Nala of Laurkim
Keepsake's Brickhouse
Keepsake's Flair for Red
Keepsake's Red Enterprise
Blacklick's Double Stuff
Laurkims Belleajah
Timberwood's Autumn Breeze
"Rusty" SR36568001
All of our "kids" get Hip and Elbow prelims.  Finals are done using PennHip .Some of our Dog's received finals from
OFA  from thier  owner's prior to coming to live at Pridezion.